Ethereum Programming Course

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The Certified Ethereum Developer is an expert on the functionality of the ethereum network and holds an advanced capability for programming smart contracts using the Solidity language.

The information contained in this course is of particular use to individuals:

  1. Building smart contracts to bring decentralized applications to market.
  2. Interested in mastering Ethereum’s native scripting language Solidity.
  3. Holding at least a basic understanding of HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Hardware requirements for this course are as follows:

  1. At least 4 GB of RAM and 50 GB of hard drive space.
  2. Any relatively recent Linux, OSX, or Windows operating system.

Once enrolled, students have direct access to course instructors for questions. Course materials continue to be updated on an ongoing basis and students have course access for as long as ethereum technology remains relevant.

The recommended pace for the course is 4 – 8 hours of weekly study. The entire course length is estimated at around 25 – 30 hours.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact us.


Ethereum Programming Course
Learn the functionality and programming of smart contracts using the power of blockchain technology.
Module 1 Network Fundamentals
Unit 1 Introduction To Ethereum
Unit 2 Introduction To Smart Contracts
Unit 3 Monetary Characteristics of Ether
Unit 4 Mist Browser
Unit 5 Ethereum Fundamentals Quiz
Module 2 Solidity Programming
Unit 1 Introduction To Solidity
Unit 2 Solidity Variables
Unit 3 Solidity Functions
Unit 4 Solidity Inheritance
Unit 5 Solidity Modifiers
Unit 6 Proxy Contracts
Unit 7 Solidity Events
Unit 8 Programming Tutorials Quiz
Module 3 Development Frameworks
Unit 1 Web3 JavaScript API
Module 4 Case Studies
Unit 1 How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
Module 5 Final Exam
Unit 1 Ethereum Final Exam

4 reviews for Ethereum Programming Course

  1. Daniel

    If you are looking for an Ethereum programming course and are interested in blockchain, this is the education I used to understand Ethereum and the power of smart contracts.

  2. Kang

    The Certified Ethereum Course is specifically set up to teach newcomers a fundamental understanding of Ethereum and Solidity. It is taught in a way so that even people who have never programmed before can grasp the concept quick and easy. These tutorials are presented in a step-by-step manner with written notes that help reduce the steep learning curve that many non-programmers encounter.

    By taking this course I was able to better understand Ethereum and Solidity, as a whole, which made it much easier to continue my studies in this field.

  3. Daniel Kaminski de

    I’m Prophet Daniel from Ethereum Classic community and I was positivelly surprised with the combined didactics of this course and technological coverage of the relevant topics for forming an A+ level smart contracts developer.

  4. WouterB

    Fantastic programming course, good and clear structure. I learned a lot about Ethereum and Solidity and I will certainly continue to follow Diginomics.

    Thnx Travis!

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