The Bitcoin Chip [Concept Series Book 2]

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Empowered by an electronic payment system called bitcoin, the world is heading into a cybernetic future. At the forefront of this transition is the disappearance of cash from our daily lives and, replacing it, a form of “megabyte” money based not on metal or paper, but technology, mathematics, and science.

Money is now an image, rather than something which can be separated from the system itself. This image of money is being constructed, altered, and verified by the thousands of machines acting as miners across the globe, and it’s a composition on public display for all to see. The miners are the painters of this monetary image and the strokes and shades represent the various keypairs of the users.

All people of the world will decide to either accept or reject this new era. Social and financial standing will be of no consideration.

Whether one chooses to accept or reject the new era, that decision must be honoured and every man shall be defined by their choice.

For those who willingly accept it, there will be great titles and earthly things. It will be considered an act of good faith to accept this new era. However, those who reject it will be unable to buy or sell and unable to gain employment …


1 review for The Bitcoin Chip [Concept Series Book 2]

  1. Li Shui (verified owner)

    I bought the book today and although it is a working title, I am eager to see future updates. The book describes how bitcoin could lead us into a technological dystopia and how it may bring a form of scientific dictatorship. I especially found interesting the “Anatomy of a Barcode” and how we have been on the same cashless trajectory for much longer than most realize.

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