Diginomics: The Age Of Numerical Law


(The Concept Series: Book 1)

A new age is approaching mainstream curriculum. In our society today, already, we are seeing a pervasive shift towards the digitization of all things. In this downloadable book, we present to you, the underlying trends and fundamental changes in the way our society will work, live, and play during and after this transformation has taken place. Many have predicted its coming … we are stating in this volume that the age of spiritual machines is upon us and coming to fruition.

This new age is bound to be one where luxury becomes an increasingly scarce commodity, information becomes the new means of exchange, and where computer networks magnitudes more powerful than the brain of a single human begin occupying roles in industry, politics, and religion.

Register your copy today and find out exactly what the Age of Numerical Law entails in this first installment of our Diginomics Concept Series.

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