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The bitcoin industry continues to experience growth at a tremendous rate and our affiliate program allows partners to share in the success of our products. This program allows partners to receive monthly payouts from their performance as an affiliate.

02 Dedicated Support Channel

Find the help you need from instructors and fellow students. Network with others and build your application.

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Learn from the world's top experts in the digital economy. Access course material anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device.

04 Professional Certifications

Earn your professional certification and get hired by top companies in the digital economy. Certifications are embedded into the bitcoin blockchain where they serve as your proof of expertise.

05 Personalized Mentorship

Let our instructors guide you through your course with the individual attention you need. Use our support forum when you need to ask questions or network with fellow members.

What Is Diginomics?

Diginomics is the study of societal transition to a form of governance based on numerical law. Everywhere, across the globe, we see a new paradigm of electronic cash, culture, and convenience emerging. This is no accident, but part of a larger evolutionary progression toward higher forms of complexity.

Our goal here at Diginomics is to inspire, educate, and mentor you on your path to realizing these higher forms of complexity. We want to equip you with the wisdom necessary to fulfill your creative potential in this bold and exciting new age. Nothing less than excellence can be tolerated – for in this new era both competition and stakes will be higher than ever before.

This is a brave new world which is opening itself to us if we choose to enter it. It is one which excludes no one, but requires a commitment of heart & mind.

We invite you to join us on this journey, as we unleash the power of diginomics – an era which is timeless and boundless in nature.

Blockchain Timestamped Certifications

Student: Example Student
Instructor: Example Instructor
Certification Hash: 0x5fef16a226dd68071f2483e1da42598319f69b2c
Accreditation: Certified Ethereum Developer
Timestamp: May 20th, 2018
Issuing Authority: Diginomics Corporation

Every student who receives a passing grade of 70% or more on the final examination has their certification embedded into the blockchain. This certification serves as your proof of expertise and a display of excellence hiring managers in the blockchain industry look for.

Your certification is able to be independently verified with a unique hash provided to you at the completion of your course. Students will be notified of their certification once their final examination has been graded.

FREE COURSE: Introduction To Bitcoin

After the completion of this online course, students will understand the technical and economic fundamentals of the bitcoin payment system. The information contained is of particular use to individuals researching the technical applications of bitcoin or working with it in a business environment.