Former Executive Editor of Harvard Business Review and current business book reviewer for CNN, noted that “money now is different … It is no longer a thing … it is a system. Money is a network. Few people realize that money, in the traditional sense, has met its demise."

Storing bitcoin securely is a topic cryptocurrency holders must appreciate. Without the necessary understanding, your money susceptible to theft and hacking attempts.

Bitcoin will transform the distribution of financial information similar to internet technology.

The creator of bitcoin is one of the great disruptors of modern history.


Dec 2012

What Is Bitcoin?

Enter Bitcoin How does bitcoin relate to the concept of money? Think of bitcoin in the same line of thought as the vast database of financial information on who owns and owes what to whom. This time however, that database in not controlled by one central party, the integrity of the database is transparent, and the information within that database cannot be altered once it has been written unless a


Nov 2012

What Is Money?

Money is perhaps the most complex and misunderstood topic today.