Bitcoin has value because it has both scarcity and utility. It is a limited and useful resource. It is important to note that something must be BOTH in order to command a market value, NOT either.

Diginomics Corporation has just released a new book entitled 'The Bitcoin Chip'!

Diginomics Corporation is looking for experts in the bitcoin industry to produce 'how to' tutorials for our audience.

If you are someone who is looking for a way to stay abreast on our emerging, diginomic world, then you will find this forum to be a place of value.

The progression towards the singularity will give way to an entirely new Earth. This process, which could aptly be compared to a birthing process, will experience growing pains and periods of great strife. What the technological singularity entails is not entirely predictable. What is known however, is that it is inevitable. Brace yourself, the singularity is near.

All people of the world will decide to either accept or reject the mark of the beast. Social and financial standing will be of no consideration.