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With a Diginomics membership you join a community studying the science and application of numerical law.

As our society continues to move towards a fast-approaching paradigm of digitization, our members gain the knowledge of a total shift in the way we play, work, and worship. We view this digitization of society as an advantage to our well-being and livelihood. Our organization seeks to both teach and learn the method of operating ourselves within this authority and practice of number.

This is a dimension which makes instantaneous communication, the bending of light, and the manipulation of our natural world possible.

As it stands today, one of our main focuses within this field of studying is the technology of bitcoin. Already, bitcoin is being heralded as the first true cybercash – replacing fiat currency for an entirely new form of digital money!

The growth in the network userbase as well as market value and units of bitcoin (BTC) has demonstrated that bitcoin is a transition technology which we cannot afford to ignore or meet with apathy. Bitcoin is not 'money for the internet'. It is an entirely new kind of internet itself.

“… gets you thinking about the effect [bitcoin] will have on the financial system and the economy.” – Evert Hoff

“… a great analysis of bitcoin and the trends that are present in the space now.” – Christian Turlica

“What Patron has done here is to brilliantly reveal to us how the new era of digitized money is evolving.” – Wallace Wood

When an individual makes a transaction on the bitcoin network, no actual currency is moved. That is – no file has moved, no commodity or asset has moved, no private or public key has moved. Rather, the only thing which changes is the percentage of the blockchain ledger which User A & B claim control over.

When a transaction occurs in the realm of bitcoin, the image of the blockchain is altered. Nothing ever changes but the composition of this blockchain record. The blockchain is a historical record of its ownership. It is a downloadable file (.dat) which began at zero and is now ~ 189 gigabytes (GB) in size.

There is no separation to be made between the blockchain and bitcoin. They are one in the same. Without the blockchain, you have no bitcoin ecosystem. Without an accompanying cryptocurrency, you have no measuring tool to determine the ownership of the blockchain. Money is now an image, rather than something which can be separated from the system itself. This image of money is being constructed by machines acting as miners across the globe. The miners are the painters of the blockchain image.

On the bitcoin network, money is an image continuously being generated (coinbase), re-attributed, and verified by way of cryptographic authorization – that is, the application of numerical law.

The commodity of bitcoin is block space – that is, space within the blockchain where data can be timestampped and verified into existence through the decentralized network of computers who are contributing their labour (hashing proof-of-work) in order to propagate the next iteration of the blockchain record.

Each hash performed by a bitcoin miner produces a random number between 0 and the maximum value of a 256-bit number. The SHA-256 hash of a block's header must be lower than or equal to the current target to be accepted by the network. If not, miners increment the nonce (completely changing the hash) and try again. This is the contributed labour that all miners contribute to the ledger of bitcoin.

In a process of self-actualization, we learn and apply these new technologies while becoming aware that it has timelessly presented itself to us in the natural, metaphysical world.

As a member of Diginomics, you gain:

  1. Real-world community and affiliate program so you can share your knowledge of technology and build a business recruiting new members.
  2. Monthly research subscription to our web publication which includes analysis videos, articles, surveys, and data visualizations.
  3. Instructional courses in the form of video presentations and screencast tutorials for learning and applying new technology. Students who achieve a grade of 80%+ are granted blockchain time-stamped certifications.

Our membership base is growing strong and we invite you to the study of numerical law. The term 'diginomics' refers to us as the scientific study of numerical law.

This is a monthly subscription membership which can be managed from your account page and cancelled with a single-click.

Don't wait. Join today and begin your journey into the world of diginomics!

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