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The How To Fork Bitcoin Tutorial is a video screencast and written instruction on how to initiate a hard fork of the bitcoin network and begin mining a new chain of transactions.
  • Your Server, On The Blockchain
    Abstract. A peer-to-peer file sharing network would circumvent the conventional problems of internet censorship and the inefficient deployment of content delivery systems (CDN) found on the world wide web (WWW) of today. With the added incentive of an underlying cryptocurrency, whose blockspace commands a market price, users of the network would be encouraged to only […]
  • How To Fork Bitcoin
    Forking bitcoin is one of the best methods of improving the technology of the blockchain and can be immensely profitable when done correctly. Already, a number of bitcoin software forks exist in circulation today. In a similar manner as how the Linux operating system has undergone many forks of its original source code to produce […]
  • Introducing The Bitcoin Chip From Diginomics Corporation
    “A bitcoin node in every device and in every hand.”
  • 12 Years Later: Do We Know Who Invented Bitcoin?
    The true identity of bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, remains a point of contentious debate 12 years after it was introduced to the world.
  • Why The Internet Of Things Will Be Built On Bitcoin
    There are as many different private key combinations as there are physical atoms in the known universe.
  • Blockchain Is The New Corporation
    Blockchain technology stands to radically transform our concept of the corporation where machines, not humans, are both the customers and employees.
  • Bitcoin Has Redefined Money
    A payment conducted with bitcoin represents a paradigm shift in our concept of money – one where there is no division between currency and the system through which it flows.
  1. Bitcoin has shown rapid increases during the last years and there are now some that will claim that the success…

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  3. Fantastic programming course, good and clear structure. I learned a lot about Ethereum and Solidity and I will certainly continue…

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