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Network with like-minded professionals in the digital industries with our Discussion Forum. This forum is open to the public for discourse and under moderation from our team. Use of bitcoin is encouraged!

02 Employment Program

We strategically partner with firms in the digital currency industry and beyond to put the right people in the perfect company performing at a high level. Our Employment Program will work to bring certified students into contact with respected firms in the business financial and computer programming industries.

03 Affiliates Program

Diginomics Corporation is first-and-foremost an academic institution and place of learning/teaching available to anyone interested in the field of study. We are not a faith-based vocation or a political movement. It is our intent that our research and knowledge be available to the public and the word 'diginomics' remain in the public vernacular.

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Find the help you need from instructors and fellow students. Network with others and build your application.

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Earn your professional certification and get hired by top companies in the digital economy. Certifications are embedded into the bitcoin blockchain where they serve as your proof of expertise.



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Bitcoin Aptitude Test
In order to take the Bitcoin Aptitude Test you must first register an account and login. The test is a timed, multiple-choice question & answer format. Students will be able to review their performance following the examination and earn certification for a passing grade. Use this tool to test your knowledge on the bitcoin payment system!
Module 1 Bitcoin Aptitude Test
Unit 1 Bitcoin Aptitude Test

Diginomics Concept Series:

The following is a literature series on the concept of diginomics first with publications first released in 2013. These volumes will help anyone who wishes to study industries of digital economics and to teach this academic discipline to others for their own knowledge and practical use.

Each volume is a downloadable ebook which varies in length and content. Each volume is an attempt to cover a specific topic within the field and help the student understand the concepts covered. Each book in the series includes a full download of the PDF version for as long as new updates continue to be made available. By purchasing a book in the series, you will have available a download of the latest version and all future updated versions as well.

We recommend reading through the series material completely and in a dedicated fashion. Allocate only brief breaks to prevent fatigue and ensure the proper attention is given to each volume and concept within.

  1. Age Of Numerical Law
  2. The Bitcoin Chip
  3. Transcendental Mathematics



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What Is Diginomics?

Diginomics is the scientific and metaphysical study of numerical law. It is an understanding which allows society to be governed by digital calculation. It is the most practical and timeless form of law known – born from the language of the universe: mathematics.

The English suffix “-nomics” is derived from the Greek term “νόμος” (“law”). The fields ending with “-nomics” thus, mean “law of” whatever the prefix is. The term “digi” is the root word of “digitus“ which describes a system for producing and recording numerical information. Therefore, in our estimation, the term “diginomics” literally translates to “law from number” – a concept which has been understood by past civilizations yet lost unto the current generations.

Our goal here at Diginomics Corporation is to inspire, educate, and mentor you on your path to understanding the complexities and opportunities of diginomics. We want to equip you with the wisdom necessary to fulfill your creative potential.

We invite you to join us on this journey, as we reveal the world of diginomics!