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Blockchain Embedded Certification

Student: Example Student
Instructor: Travis Patron
Certification Hash: 0x5fef16a226dd68071f2483e1da42598319f69b2c
Accreditation: Certified Ethereum Developer
Completion Date: July 20th, 2017
Issuing Authority: Diginomics Corporation

Every student who receives a passing grade of 70% or more on the final examination has their certification embedded into the blockchain. This certification serves as your proof of expertise and a display of excellence hiring managers in the blockchain industry look for.

Your certification is able to be independently verified with a unique hash provided to you at the completion of your course. Students will be notified of their certification once their final examination has been graded.

Featured Courses

Certified Ethereum Developer

The Certified Ethereum Developer holds a thorough understanding of ethereum network functionality and an advanced capability for programming smart contracts using Solidity.

Module 1 Network Fundamentals
Unit 1 Introduction To Ethereum
Unit 2 Introduction To Smart Contracts
Unit 3 Monetary Characteristics of Ether
Unit 4 Mist Browser
Unit 5 Ethereum Fundamentals Quiz
Module 2 Solidity Programming
Unit 1 Introduction To Solidity
Unit 2 Solidity Variables
Unit 3 Solidity Functions
Unit 4 Solidity Inheritance
Unit 5 Solidity Modifiers
Unit 6 Proxy Contracts
Unit 7 Solidity Events
Unit 8 Programming Tutorials Quiz
Module 3 Development Frameworks
Unit 1 Web3 JavaScript API
Module 4 Case Studies
Unit 1 How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
Module 5 Final Exam
Unit 1 Ethereum Final Exam
Certified Bitcoin Professional

The Certified Bitcoin Professional is an expert in the functionality of blockchain networks and the technical components of digital currency systems.

Module 1 Bitcoin Basics
Unit 1 Introduction To Bitcoin
Unit 2 The Blockchain & Proof-of-Work
Unit 3 The Bitcoin Transaction Visualized
Unit 4 Public Key Cryptography & Cryptocurrency
Unit 5 Storing Bitcoin Securely
Unit 6 Bitcoin Basics Quiz
Module 2 Economic Fundamentals
Unit 1 Bitcoin vs Gold
Unit 2 Supply Curve Inelasticity of Bitcoin
Unit 3 Antifragile Market Demand of Bitcoin
Unit 4 Money As Information Technology
Unit 5 Banking the Unbanked With Cryptocurrency
Unit 6 Economics Fundamentals Quiz
Module 3 Political Analysis
Unit 1 Evolution of the Corporation
Unit 2 Algorithmic Regulation of Money Supply
Unit 3 Denationalization of Money
Unit 4 Taxation of Cryptocurrency
Unit 5 Bitcoin As a Global Reserve Instrument
Unit 6 Political Analysis Quiz
Module 4 Final Exam
Unit 1 Final Exam