Forking bitcoin is one of the best methods of improving the technology of the blockchain and can be immensely profitable when done correctly.

Already, a number of bitcoin software forks exist in circulation today. In a similar manner as how the Linux operating system has undergone many forks of its original source code to produce newly improved, and specialized versions of the software.

Hard forking bitcoin involves introducing new technical parameters at a specific block within the network and running a full node to propagate blocks to this new transaction chain. Because a newly forked chain is navigating away from the main bitcoin blockchain, both the collective hashing power mining the newly forked chain and mining difficultly parameter will be magnitudes less.

These circumstances combine to create a development environment that is very friendly to experimentation and tweaking the existing technical components.

Tutorial: How To Fork Bitcoin


Tutorial: How To Fork Bitcoin
The How To Fork Bitcoin Tutorial is a video and written instruction on how to initiate a hard fork of the bitcoin network and begin mining a new chain of transactions. In this tutorial, we will be required to download a full copy of the exiting bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate hard drive space for this course.
Module 1 Development Environment
In this module we setup our development environment for forking bitcoin including obtaining source-code and modifying existing technical parameters.
Unit 1 Introduction To Forking Bitcoin
Unit 2 Bitcoin Core
Unit 3 Full Node Setup
Unit 4 Fork The Latest Version Of Bitcoin
Unit 5 Technical Modifications
Unit 6 Certificate Generation
Module 2 Compile & Execute
In this module we compile the source-code of our proposed bitcoin fork and begin mining a new chain with a dedicated node.
Unit 1 Genesis Block
Unit 2 Compiling & Running Your Fork
Module 3 Additional Resources
Additional resources for forking bitcoin and submitting feedback to course instructors.
Unit 1 Survey & Feedback

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