Diginomics Corporation is seeking experts in the bitcoin industry to produce ‘how to’ tutorials for our audience. Specifically, tutorial instructors would be tasked with producing the content necessary for guiding students to complete particular tasks with bitcoin technology and beyond. These tasks could be things such as:

These examples are only a few of the tutorials currently in development on our platform. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their own proposals for tutorials.

Each successful submission is compensated in bitcoin payments for work completed. Contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The content producer/tutorial instructor need not concern themselves with formatting of the information, only that it be of the highest caliber for an advanced audience.

For an example of a previously successful course submission:

What do you gain from being a Diginomics Tutorial Instructor?

  • Payment per successful submission.
  • Dedicated instructor page to showcase credentials/expertise.
  • Gratitude knowing you are helping people learn and enhance their knowledge.

About Diginomics Corporation:

Here at Diginomics Corporation, we empower you to do things with technology and mathematics that you did not even imagine were possible!

We make available online tutorials and courses for those interested in learning more about topics such as:

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • cryptocurrency
  • information security
  • programming
  • steganography
  • ransomware
  • robotics

The platform itself hosts course/tutorial content. We pay per piece of content such as per article or per course.

Further Information:


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