Over the last few months our team here at Diginomics Corporation has been working on creating a place where people can go to connect with those of like-mind and discuss the transition to a totally digital economy.

Today, I am excited to announce that we have use one of our top-level domains (.org) to do exactly this by building a discussion forum for our members and the general public.

If you are someone who is looking for a way to stay abreast on our emerging, diginomic world, then you will find this forum to be a place of value.

Register Your Account

After you have registered an account and verified through email, please make an introductory post in the ‘Introductions‘ section telling your story about how you came across our community and why you are interesting in diginomics.

We intend to use this forum as a tool for building community. We want to connect people who are interested in the concept of diginomics both online and in the real-world to create rich experiences and help us enhance our understanding of this paradigm shift to an entirely digital economy.

Freebies, whether they come in the form of course registration discounts or other products and merchandise, stand to be a regular feature to registered members on our forum.

For those who hold an active Diginomics Research Subscription, access to a private subforum will be granted.

There are truly great possibilites with something like a community forum. The platform itself is relatively flexible, easy to maintain, and offers a rich variety of features such as:

  • file uploading
  • personal messaging
  • reputation building
  • event hosting calendar
  • integrated bitcoin tipping

As per usual, we do understand that this type of community building takes time. It will not be an overnight success and will require dedicated moderators and content contributors. All these things we are more than capable of providing in order to have a platform dedicated exclusively to the study of diginomics.

We thank you for your continued interest.

Go now, fellow initiate, make yourself known and reveal us the emerging diginomic world!



Diginomics Corporation