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What Is Diginomics?

Diginomics is the study of societal transition to an entirely digital economy. Everywhere, across the globe, we see a new paradigm of electronic cash, culture, and convenience emerging. This is no accident, but part of a larger evolutionary progression toward higher forms of complexity.

Our goal here at Diginomics is to inspire, educate, and mentor you on your path to realizing these higher forms of complexity. We want to equip you with the wisdom necessary to fulfill your creative potential in this bold and exciting new age. Nothing less than excellence can be tolerated – for in this new era both competition and stakes will be higher than ever before.

We invite you to join us on this journey, as we unleash the power of diginomics – a study which is timeless and boundless in nature.

Introduction To Bitcoin

Introductory course on the technical and economic concepts of the bitcoin payment system.

The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money


Length: 130 Pages

Author: Travis Patron
Foreword: Wallace Wood

The innovation of bitcoin is perhaps the most intriguing development of the early 21st century. In a span of only 5 years, the digital currency has jumped from being traded at 4 tenths of a penny, to highs of over $1200. In that time, we've seen individuals, government organisations, and large corporations warm up to the idea that bitcoin may be a form of cyber money pundits have been predicting for years.

Outside the control of any centralised institution and owned by no one party in particular, bitcoin sets the stage for something bold and new. Operating by freely accessible technology, experts describe it as a breakthrough in computing science formulated upon decades of research.

The market of monetary innovation is entering the private domain. What lies ahead for political regimes who attempt with futility to regulate this ghost outside the machine?

Join us as we explore …
The Bitcoin Revolution

“What Patron has done here is to brilliantly reveal to us how the new era of digitized money is evolving. It’s the next important link in understanding the future … now! Others have said, “It’s coming.” Patron says: “It’s here!””

  • Wallace Wood, Technology Journalist, Houston, Texas

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