The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money

Bitcoin researcher, Travis Patron, has captured the essence of this global trend toward total cashlessness by tracking the development and evolution of the “cryptocurrency” world, especially as it pertains to bitcoin — that strange algorithmic creation sweeping the nations in its bid to become the new official digital replacement for “fiat” cash, coins, checks and cards.

What Patron has done here is to brilliantly reveal to us how the new era of digitized money is evolving. It’s the next important link in understanding the future … now! Others have said, “It’s coming.” Patron says: “It’s here!”

  • Wallace Wood, Digital Economy Journalist & Author
Bitcoin Economics Course

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Ethereum Programming Course

Ethereum technology today may be where bitcoin was in 2010 – almost no one talking about it, raw infrastructure, lack of developers, and plenty of skeptics.

Ethereum takes bitcoin technology and adds a Turing complete scripting language. An example of a technology in wide use today that employs Turing completeness is JavaScript, the programming language which powers the world wide web. Combine the attributes of Turing completeness with a globally decentralized, unownable, digital computer for executing peer-to-peer contracts and you have the protocol layer of Ethereum.

This is a world computer you can’t shut down and you can’t turn off.

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