Diginomics (digitus-νόμος) is the study of numerical law as it applies to the numismatics of digit, intangible modes of communication, and the metaphysics within and without the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is a concept timeless in nature. Yet, recent saturation of our societies with digital technologies has once again called for more extensive study of this sector.

Tutorial: How To Fork Bitcoin


Tutorial: How To Fork Bitcoin
The How To Fork Bitcoin Tutorial is a video and written instruction on how to initiate a hard fork of the bitcoin network and begin mining a new chain of transactions. In this tutorial, we will be required to download a full copy of the exiting bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate hard drive space for this course.
Module 1 Development Environment
In this module we setup our development environment for forking bitcoin including obtaining source-code and modifying existing technical parameters.
Unit 1 Introduction To Forking Bitcoin
Unit 2 Bitcoin Core
Unit 3 Full Node Setup
Unit 4 Fork The Latest Version Of Bitcoin
Unit 5 Technical Modifications
Unit 6 Certificate Generation
Module 2 Compile & Execute
In this module we compile the source-code of our proposed bitcoin fork and begin mining a new chain with a dedicated node.
Unit 1 Genesis Block
Unit 2 Compiling & Running Your Fork
Module 3 Additional Resources
Additional resources for forking bitcoin and submitting feedback to course instructors.
Unit 1 Survey & Feedback

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