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Diginomics Corporation is first-and-foremost an academic institution and place of learning/teaching available to anyone interested in the field of study. We are not a faith-based vocation or a political movement. It is our intent that our research and knowledge be available to the public and the word 'diginomics' remain in the public vernacular.

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Diginomics is the scientific and metaphysical study of numerical law. It is an understanding which allows society to be governed by digital calculation. It is the most practical and timeless form of law known – born from the language of the universe: mathematics.

The English suffix “-nomics” is derived from the Greek term “νόμος” (“law”). The fields ending with “-nomics” thus, mean “law of” whatever the prefix is. The term “digi” is the root word of “digitus“ which describes a system for producing and recording numerical information. Therefore, in our estimation, the term “diginomics” literally translates to “law from number” – a concept which has been understood by past civilizations yet lost unto the current generations.

Our goal here at Diginomics is to inspire, educate, and mentor you on your path to realizing these higher forms of complexity. We want to equip you with the wisdom necessary to fulfill your creative potential.

We invite you to join us on this journey, as we reveal the world of diginomics!

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In the Introduction to Bitcoin course we study the economic fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the technical functions of the payment network. This course is well-suited for a beginner – intermediate knowledge of bitcoin and is interested in explore new topics with regards to bitcoin.

Diginomics Concept Series

The following is a literature series on the concept of diginomics first released in 2019. These volumes will help anyone who wishes to study the law of number and our organizations intent to teach this academic discipline to others for their own knowledge and practical use.

Each volume is a downloadable book which varies in length and content. Each volume is an attempt to cover a specific topic within the study of diginomics and help the student understand how these forces of mathematical, geometric, and metaphysical understandings can allow them both to recognize its influence in daily life and apply it themselves.

We recommend reading through the series material completely and in a dedicated fashion. Allocating prolonged periods of time between books and not employing consistent study will diminish the understanding that the student takes away from this series.

  • Diginomics: The Age Of Numerical Law

  • Ethereum: The World Computer

  • The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money


The Diginomics Concept Series is a teaching instruction for individuals who wish to study the fundational beliefs of the philosophy.

Each book in the series includes a full download of the PDF version for as long as new updates continue to be made available. By purchasing a book in the series, you will have downloads of the latest version and all future updated versions as well.